News of Note from Bratislava

EGI Research Professor, Dr. Michal Nemčok has completed a much anticipated manual on exploration in rift and passive margin regions and in the process improved the understanding of petroleum systems in these settings.  The book, titled Rifts and Passive Margins – Structural Architecture, Thermal Regimes, and Petroleum Systems, will be available from the publisher, Cambridge Press, in February 2016.

From the Publisher:

Rifts and passive margins are extremely important for the petroleum industry, as they are areas of high sedimentation and can contain significant oil and gas resources. This book provides a comprehensive understanding of rifts and passive margins as a whole. It synthesises in one volume the existing information devoted to specific aspects of these vitally important hydrocarbon habitats. This collecting together of state-of-the-art information on the topic facilitates the better use of this knowledge to assess the risks of exploring and operating in these settings and the development of systematic and predictive hydrocarbon screening tools. The book will be invaluable for a broad range of readers, from advanced geology students and researchers to exploration geoscientists to exploration managers exploring for and developing hydrocarbon resources in analogous settings.

EGI’s Bratislava office has also completed work on the forthcoming Geological Society of London Special Publication 431: Transform margins: development, controls and petroleum systems. The publication is the outcome of the EGI Sheared Margins workshop held in Utah in October 2013. The workshop was a round table of leading scholars on the subject of Sheared (Transform) Margins, brought together to discuss various aspects of recent developments and future trends in geodynamic studies of sheared segments of continental margins, with focus on understanding all involved mechanisms and their controlling factors. Order information will be available on-line from the publisher in Spring 2016. For immediate information, contact Michal Nemčok at