New Ways to Learn from EGI: Thematic and Project Videos Available

Home to leading experts in the fields of geology, geophysics, geochemistry, and engineering, EGI is your source for high-quality, scientific and engineering research in pursuit of the answers to the pressing questions our industry faces.

The Coronavirus pandemic and shutdowns have highlighted the need for flexibility across all our forms of communication as we continually work to deliver the information and services you need. Early in the lockdown period when the University and member companies alike began limiting or prohibiting in-person meetings, EGI looked to ways of expanding the vehicles through which we share information with members and the public.

In May of this year we introduced the first of what is a growing body of video presentations highlighting the thematic, project, and service expertise available at EGI. The currently available videos include an EGI Oceans Introduction and Overview, EGI Chronostratigraphic Capabilities, Capabilities of the EGI Bratislava Laboratory, Carpathian Mountain Building Linked to Pannonian Extension, Petroleum, Geoscience and the New Energy Reality, Exploration Risk and Play Analysis, EGIconnect Online Global Database tour, iCORDS: Integrated Continent-Ocean Research Data System, Petroleum from Red Sea to Somalia, and Research Services: Core through Pore™ are available to view at Individual videos are also linked at the preview image below.

Following AAPG ACE 2020, we will be posting additional video content, both unique videos and recordings shared at the conference. We encourage you to check back in October for new video content, especially if you were unable to virtually connect with us at ACE 2020.

Looking for something specific or have research competencies you’d like to know more about? We want your feedback. Please send your questions or ideas to

EGI OceansIntroduction and Overview

EGI Chronostratigraphic Capabilities

EGI Bratislava Lab Capabilities

Carpathian Mountain-Building Linked to Pannonian Extension

image of video link
image of video link

Petroleum, Geoscience, and the New Energy Reality

Exploration Risk & Play Analysis

EGIConnect Online Global Database

iCORDS: Integrated Continent-Ocean Research Data System

image, presentation slide

Petroleum from Red Sea to Somalia

Research Services: Core through Pore™