New Research Services Available to CA Members

Geomechanics, High-resolution Reservoir Characterization, Petroleum Geochemistry, & Measurements for Tight-rock Permeability

The area of greatest industry driven EGI research growth in the last eight years has been in Tight Reservoirs and Shale Science. EGI has assisted 45+ CA members in shale, mudstone, and tight reservoir characterization, and has evaluated more than 120 shale systems from 60+ basins in 20+ countries. EGI has a strong emphasis on understanding and predicting North America systems, especially the in key areas of Liquids from Shales, Improved Liquid Recovery in Shales, Large-scale Geological Controls on Hydraulic Stimulation, and now, Flow in Nanoporous Rocks.

EGI provides Research Services that emphasize focused analytical work and interpretation. These research services are available for sole sponsored and group-sponsored member projects. EGI, in collaboration with the University of Utah, has the most densely concentrated, high technology equipment in the United States capable of source rock and high-resolution reservoir characterization. EGI excels in fast nanometer-scale elemental mapping and multiscale correlative microscopy (comprehensive suite of services from Core through Pore™ scales). The ability to rapidly map elemental constituents allows the analysis of fragile samples and those with volatile components, which are often encountered in unconventional reservoirs.

Coupled with high performance offerings such as QEMSCAN® mineralogical mapping, focused ion beam SEM (FIB-SEM) and ultra-high resolution imaging Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM), EGI has the expertise and track record for interpretation of results, for petrological evaluations, or quantitative analysis of minerals, including clay species, via X-ray diffraction analyses (XRD). EGI staff have published hundreds of articles in the area of reservoir characterization and have presented over a thousand times at technical meetings. Operators and governments around the world use EGI’s facilities and experts to address their exploration and production challenges with both research projects and laboratory investigations.

EGI recently launched new Research Services for source rock characterization using our newest state of the art equipment. The HAWK™ Analyzer provides S1, S2, S3 and TOC data as well as Tmax information. The specially designed instrument has better free petroleum (S1) sensitivity for improved identification of pay in resource plays and adds a new level of sophistication for specialized analysis and integrated interpretation.

Response from members who have taken advantage of this new equipment and service has been very encouraging. Recent feedback from Apache Corporation lauded the high caliber data and efficient turnaround time for sample analysis, saying,

“EGI provided crucial information on free HC phase for one of Apache’s emerging shale plays. Turnaround time was short and the data was used to compare results from other labs, which was critical for risk assessment of the play.

We are looking forward using EGI services again in the future. It is a great asset to have an independent source of high quality lab services available at EGI.”

EGI is using high-resolution high-pressure equipment to evaluate the porosity, saturations, and relative permeabilities of tight formations. Called the “EGI Shale Interrogator,” the apparatus is capable of high pressure and high temperature studies that provide accurate measurements useful for petrophysical model calibrations. High precision, low volume pumping capability allows this advanced instrument to provide steady-state data previously not readily available. Finally, the capability to conduct evaluations of liquids-producing formations makes this service unique in the world.

EGI will be sharing more information about these new services at the Annual CA Technical Conference in June. Please join us to lean more or contact for immediate information.