New Research Opportunity: Red Sea and Gulf of Suez Basins Research in Development

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September 17th, 2020

New Research Opportunity: Red Sea and Gulf of Suez Basins Research in Development

In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in petroleum exploration in the Red Sea Basin, both because of its infrastructures (proximity to Europe and offshore transportation) and successes in the Midyan and Jaizan basins (discovered in the 1990s and located respectively in the northern and southern ends of coastal-offshore Saudi Arabia).

Dr. Rasoul Sorkhabi has recently released a new In Development project proposal focusing on the Red Sea Basin and Gulf of Suez Basin with an eye to better understanding the tectono-sedimentary evolution of the Red Sea and Gulf of Suez basins for petroleum exploration with a focus on key petroleum systems elements from source rocks to traps. The proposal also includes an ArcGIS quick assessment and easy-to-use tool for analysis of petroleum plays in the region based on an integrative database that can be augmented to the internal databases of the sponsoring companies. Such a tool will help to assess data-poor frontier or deeper plays based on regionally correlatable plays.

The proposed project duration is 18 months with a per-sponsor investment of $74K (USD). The full proposal and summary web pages can be found in full on the Project Page here or by navigating directly through the EGI website under current Research.

This robust new research endeavor brings together the diverse expertise of some of the foremost subject matter experts in the industry from across the research spectrum at EGI. For more information or to speak directly with research staff, please email Dr. Rasoul Sorkhabi at


Dr. Rasoul Sorkhabi, EGI Research Professor Structural/Seismic Interpretation, Paleofacies Mapping, Basin Modeling
Dr. Sudeep Kanungo, EGI Research Associate & Adjunct Associate Professor Paleoenvironment, Bio-Chronostratigraphy
Dr. Eiichi Setoyama, EGI Research Instructor Paleoenvironment, Bio-Chronostratigraphy
Dr. Dhrupad R. Beti, EGI Petroleum Geochemistry Lab Manager Petroleum Geochemistry, Pyrolysis
Christopher Kesler, GIS Manager GIS Analysis and Data Mapping


Dr. Tony Doré, Global Chief Scientists Senior Advisor to the Director Project Advisor
Tom O’Connor, EGI Affiliate Scientist Geology, Egypt, Sudan
Dr. Mustafa As-Sauri, EGI Affiliate Scientist Geology, Yemen
Dr. Cosmos Kujjo, Consultant Sudan Consultancy
Dr. Henry Halpern, EGI Affiliate Scientist Petroleum Geochemistry, Saudi Arabia, Egypt

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