New EGIconnect & Research Catalog Platforms to Deliver Enhanced Access

Preview the new platforms now

By Christopher Kesler

EGI is excited to share new developments for improving and enhancing how we deliver the research and information resources our members depend on. Beginning in late 2019, EGI began the process of migrating the EGIconnect platform to a new Enterprise ArcGIS Online service that will bring easier search and access features, data security, and new user capabilities. As the initial stages have been completed, we are excited to share the new potential as we continue to work toward full implementation.

The EGI Research Catalog— publicly accessible abstracts of EGI legacy research and projects available to all EGI members— has recently been upgraded for easier searching and access. The location map for navigating and searching the EGI public research catalog has been upgraded to an ArcGIS Online web application. For an overview of any or all of the 850+ completed reports, zoom in to the map view and click on any red pin to access the project summary or abstract.

An added advantage of ArcGIS online enables EGI members to use the map in their own internal or ArcGIS environments by referencing the web app or using EGI’s hosted map layers to build their own map. For support in using this functionality, EGI members may contact GIS Manager, Christopher Kesler.

In addition to the research catalog map, EGI has created an upgraded EGIconnect platform using the ArcGIS online Web AppBuilder. This new EGIconnect web application offers the same accessibility to EGI’s online Global Database, and will bring new and enhanced features when the secure, full service is deployed in early 2020.

Like the research catalog map, the enhanced EGIconnect web map and associated map layers, on which the web application is built, are available to corporate associate members to add to their own ArcGIS environments.  Currently, the new platform is in demonstration mode, and only project summaries are available through the map as downloads.  We are working on a secure solution that will allow full downloads of reports, seismic images, and well logs exclusively for EGI members.

The legacy EGIconnect and new ArcGIS online EGIconnect maps will both be supported as this transition takes place. A preliminary preview of the new EGIconnect ArcGIS Online web application can be viewed  here.