New EGI OCEANS Project in Development: Mediterranean Sea | New Analyses and Evaluation

In the coming weeks, the EGI OCEANS team will be offering a newly developed research project for consideration and investment by interested member companies.

The new project, EGI Oceans: Mediterranean Sea| New Analyses and Evaluation of Source Rock Systems on IODP samples using organic geochemistry, palynofacies, unified stratigraphy, and paleoenvironment, will utilize the proven methodology supported by over 10 major EGI corporate members in the Atlantic Margin EGI Oceans projects (South Atlantic – 101276,  Central & North Atlantic – I01229, South Atlantic Reclassification – I01350).

A full project proposal is In Development and will be available for consideration in May 2020.  For early details, questions, or expressions of interest, please contact project co-PI Eiichi Setoyama.

Location Map

Image: Location map showing Mediterranean DSDP, ODP, and IODP sites for prosed new EGI OCEANS Mediterranean Sea project.
Click on the image above for a larger view.