New Data & Services Coming to iCORDS™

In the coming weeks, EGI will be releasing a plan for new data and services available to iCORDS™ subscribers, enhancing iCORDS™ offshore capacity, and adding new onshore data and services.

iCORDS™ is a product of the University of Utah’s Energy & Geoscience Institute and offers an integrated databank and research tool for research as varied as worldwide petroleum and environmental geoscience to climate and marine science. EGI scientists and software developers ensure that iCORDS™ presents comprehensive quality data in a user-easy product for members.

Below is a sample of the new data and service iCORDS is working on.

Future Onshore Data & Services at iCORDS

EGI scientists, software developers, subject matter experts aim to expand the data and services of iCORDS™ to serve best the needs and interest of the members. During 2020–2022, the following will be added to iCORDS:

  • Onshore petroleum source-rock data for North America, Central-South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Europe
  • Thousands of EGI Lab oil and rock geochemical data
  • Integrated chrono-litho-petroleum stratigraphic charts for hundreds of basins
  • Regional paleofacies maps for various basins and key stratigraphic intervals
  • Worldwide map of active faults and seismic activity
  • Meteorological and oceanic (METOCEAN) information for offshore operations

As a unifying platform for global geoscience data discovery, transformation, on-demand visualization, and integration into a single comprehensive data schema, an iCORDS™ subscription delivers analytics-ready geoscience data and petroleum system insights collected from global research exploration and drilling activities.

For more information about iCORDS™, visit or contact Raymond Levey or Rasoul Sorkhabi.