New Collaboration for Brazil-Gabon Conjugate Margins

EGI is pleased to announce that the Energy & Geoscience Institute has initialized a collaboration between the Energy & Geoscience Institute at the University of Utah (EGI) and Le Directeur Général des Hydrocarbures Gabon (DGH-Gabon) for conducting a geoscientific investigation (pertaining to source rock geochemistry) for hydrocarbon exploration research. The specific goal of the investigation is to improve the current understanding of the source rock potential and associated organic matter end-member distribution of the Brazil-Gabon conjugate margins for the pre-salt section.

The collaborative agreement was solidified after EGI Senior Affiliate Scientist and Head of African Relations, Mr. Reginal Spiller, met with the new Gabon Energy Minister, Vincent de Paul Massassa in Houston in March.  EGI is grateful for Mr. Spiller’s expertise and the strong relationships that he has built in helping to further the research in this compelling region.

Mr. Spiller is also the President and CEO of Azimuth Energy Investments LLC. Mr. Spiller did his public service with the US Government as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Gas and Petroleum Technologies at the United States Department of Energy during the administration of President Clinton. He was formerly the Honorary Consul General of Sierra Leone for the United States.

EGI Senior Affiliate Scientist and Head of African Relations, Reginal Spiller
Mr. Reginal Spiller and Minister Mssr. Vincent de Paul Massassa met in Houston in March.
PGM Minister of Gabon
Minister of Petroleum, Gas, and Minning, Le Directeur Général des Hydrocarbures Gabon (DGH-Gabon), Mssr. Vincent de Paul Massassa.