Message From the Director

For the first time, EGI’s Corporate Associate (CA) Technical Conference will be held in Houston, TX. As we continue to focus our attention on the high caliber research and innovative services available from EGI, we also recognize the travel and time limitations of concern to EGI members. Being sensitive to these company travel limitations, this year we’re taking the show on the road, so to speak, and bringing the 2016 CA Technical Conference to your doorstep and the heart of the petroleum business.

This year’s Conference will take place November 7 and 8, with a full day of sessions on the Nov. 7 and ½ day on Nov. 8 (U.S. Election Day).

Immediately preceding the Conference, we are offering an optional EGI Field Course: Petroleum Systems of the Cretaceous Onshore Platform, Onshore Gulf of Mexico from November 4 through 6, to locations that demonstrate structural and stratigraphic interplay. The Field Course will include the Balcones Fault Zone and Aptian on-lap.

The EGI Conference will be hosted at Halliburton’s North Belt Research Complex in Houston (Halliburton Life Center, 3000 N Sam Houston Parkway E, 77032).

The key areas of focus for this year’s Technical Conference are

•  Impacts of geomechanical stratigraphy in tight reservoir systems
•  Enhanced oil recovery in shale reservoirs
•  Re-calibration of the Petroleum Systems of the Atlantic Margin

We hope you’ll join us for these exciting events and make the most of your EGI membership. As always, if you have questions or concerns about the event, please contact us and we’ll respond personally to assist you in any way we can.