Message from the Director


Welcome to our fall issue of ASK EGI – News from the Institute.

After a full summer of events, meetings, visitors, and field courses— including the 2015 EGI CA Technical Conference & Field Course— EGI is turning our focus to developing a number of innovative and valuable new research directions.

Along with launching new In Development projects, we’re in the process of bringing several In Progress projects to completion, with delivery of final reports coming in the next weeks and months.

Among these exciting new developments is the EGI Oceans Initiative, which we shared with Conference attendees in June.

The overarching purpose of the Oceans Initiative is to repurpose oceanographic data to facilitate better petroleum system insights and deductions. Projects developed as part of the Oceans Initiative will examine non-digital data that is currently hard to access and normalize it to industry standards. EGI researchers will use the updated data and EGI lab facilities to fill gaps in present-day knowledge.

The research, currently proposed for the South Atlantic and Central & North Atlantic regions, provides exceptional value to sponsoring CAs as it provides a fresh perspective to better understand ongoing challenges and complexities that often lead to costly exploration decisions in deep water environments. Drilling programs like ODP, IODP, etc., allow sediment packages and irregularities near the surface of the ocean floor to be tested; these are often related to buried sediments and potential petroleum systems.

Worldwide, certain areas are consistent at creating petroleum systems while others are not. In areas that do not show these statistical consistencies, the question becomes, “Why not?” Have they been misidentified? What are we missing scientifically, and how can we fill the gaps?

Some of these questions and challenges can be addressed, to varying degrees, by taking non-petroleum industry data and turning it into useful data streams for successful exploration. Ongoing work in the South Atlantic, as well as Central & North Atlantic, comes in advance of future bid rounds. By 2020, the U.S. Atlantic coast may open up for exploration. During a time of cost restrictions and companies focusing inward, preparing for the future is a key element in weathering industry change and coming out the other side prepared to address the energy needs of an increasingly demanding globally economy.

Over the course of the summer, project proposals have been refined and thoroughly outlined to bring Corporate Associate members robust, valuable research projects designed to provide the knowledge needed to stake future-looking positions with an eye on the next decade. As your partner in developing the highest quality science with the greatest value for your R&D investment, EGI encourages you to consider the projects, services, and resources that make up your EGI membership. Make use of your member benefits and join us in sponsoring these new and exciting research initiatives. If any of us here at EGI can be of service, please contact us. Your support and partnership is deeply valued and the key to our enduring research legacy.