EGI Signs MOU with SWPU for Geothermal Development

Highlights in Scientific Collaboration for Geothermal Energy Development in Asia

International collaboration with industry, academic, and government organizations has long been a hallmark of EGI’s research outlook in support of the scientific foundations for innovation in finding and producing energy. Working with the highest caliber researchers and institutions across disciplines serves to enhance the knowledge and resources available to our CA members and partners in the energy industry.

EGI and Southwest Petroleum University (SWPU) in China have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Scientific Collaboration in Geothermal Energy Development in Asia. Currently, the research group led by Professor Jianchun Guo, Dean of Petroleum Engineering at SWPU is providing hydraulic fracturing design and onsite supervision service to the Korean EGS Pilot Project in Pohang. Considering EGI Geothermal Group’s extensive experience in geothermal development and historical success in fully implementing and managing an EGS demonstration site (Raft River Enhanced Geothermal System Thermal Stimulation project). One PhD Candidate from SWPU will visit EGI in June 2016 to conduct frontier geothermal research related to hot dry rock under the supervision of Professors John McLennan and Joseph Moore, co-PIs of the USDOE FORGE Utah geothermal project.