International Shale Oil & Gas Workshop

With recent advances in shale exploration, there is an increasing need to share the cutting-edge research and technology between industry and academia across the globe. This workshop, in conjunction with the International Conference on Geosciences & the Environment at Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, India, brought together ‘state-of-the-art’ knowledge from multiple research consortia sourced through a long-term collaboration between three premier university based shale research centers: the Institute of Energy Research and Training (IERT), University of Jammu, India; the Energy & Geoscience Institute (EGI), University of Utah, USA; and University College London (UCL). Geoscientists from these institutes presented their collaborative research in shale gas and shale liquids plays. Shale geoscientists worldwide also presented their research to the audience of professionals in industry and academia.

The International Shale Oil & Gas Workshop, held January 8, addressed recent developments in shale technology, shale resource opportunities, and corresponding environmental challenges. The workshop took a forward looking perspective, assessing both the present and future of shale plays. Nine highly informative technical presentations were followed by a panel discussion on the sustainable development of shale resources in India. In addition, a panel discussion on the acquisition of rock samples, laboratory analyses, data sharing and access, and publishing research data elaborated on overarching concepts. The workshop was spearheaded by Professor Bindra Thusu of the Institute of Energy Research and Training (IERT) at University of Jammu, India, with special coordination by Dr. Mateen Hafiz in India and Manas Pathak at EGI, and special contribution by Dr. Jonathan Craig, EGI Advisory Board Member and Visiting Professor & Advisory Board Co-Chairman at the Institute of Energy Research and Training (IERT), University of Jammu, India. Dr. Craig is Vice President, ENI spa E & P division, Milan (Italy).

Extended abstracts of the workshop sessions will be published in Spring of 2016.