History of the European Oil and Gas Industry

EGI Research Professor Rasoul Sorkhabi, along with EGI Advisory Board Chair, Dr. Jonathan Craig, Francesco Gerali, and Fiona MacAulay, has recently published a new volume on the History of the European Oil and Gas Industry.

The history of the European oil and gas industry reflects local as well as global political events, economic constraints and the personal endeavors of individual petroleum geoscientists as much as it does the development of technologies and the underlying geology of the region. The first commercial oil wells in Europe were drilled in Poland in 1853, Romania in 1857, Germany in 1859 and Italy in 1860. The 23 papers in this volume focus on the history and heritage of the oil and gas industry in the key European oil-producing countries from the earliest onshore drilling to its development into the modern industry that we know today. The contributors chronicle the main events and some of the major players that shaped the industry in Europe. The volume also marks several important anniversaries, including 150 years of oil exploration in Poland and Romania, the centenary of the drilling of the first oil well in the UK and 50 years of oil production from onshore Spain.

Edited by Jonathan Craig, Francesco Gerali, Fiona MacAulay, and Rasoul Sorkhabi
Geological Society, London, Special Paper 465, 472 p.

The volume includes a paper by Rasoul Sorkhabi on “Sir Thomas Boverton Redwood (1846-1919): A watershed in the British oil industry.” 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of Redwood’s death.