Highlighting Affiliate Scientists & Expertise at EGI

EGI welcomes our newest Affiliate Scientists, Michael Lentini and Alain Coadou.  The extensive knowledge and experience Affiliates bring to EGI and our CA members is vital to serving the energy industry. EGI is grateful for the contributions and expertise they bring to the Institute.

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EGI welcomes Michael Lentini as a Senior Affiliate Scientist. He will be training and mentoring energy company staff globally in hydrocarbon Play Fairway Techniques and Analysis, working in coordination with EGI Chair in Petroleum Geoscience Professor Al Fraser. Highly regarded as an expert in the field, Mike has over 33 years of Global New Ventures Exploration experience and is consulting for clients interested in Oil & Gas investments and for companies requiring an independent review of their exploration strategies, portfolio risk & volumes, and technical quality assurance. His specialties include Play-Based exploration, the South Atlantic, rift petroleum systems, and reservoir quality prediction.

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Alain Coadou has been working with CA members in Europe. His distinguished career with TOTAL over the course of 36 years, includes field geology experience in France, UK, and Egypt. Alain’s technical expertise spans both conventional exploration and unconventional resources including extra heavy oils, bitumens, oil shales, coal bed methane, tight gas, and shale gas. Based in Paris, Alain is a recognized professional in the energy industry and an active member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and Association Française des Techniciens du Pétrole (French Petroleum Technical Association).