FORGE Project Outreach & Education Offerings

New Utah FORGE Geothermal Publication

The August 2020 issue of AAPG Explorer features an article by Utah FORGE Managing PI Dr. Joseph Moore. The article, The Utah FORGE: An International Laboratory for Advancing Enhanced Geothermal Development, is available online to AAPG subscribers at

In the News: Checking in on the Utah FORGE project: ThinkGeoEnergy interview with Joseph Moore

Learn more about the current state of the Utah FORGE project, its opportunities and challenges and the road ahead from this interview with Joe Moore, Principal Investigator with the project.

New Video & Podcast: Geothermal Resources Lecture Series

In the first installment of the Utah FORGE Geothermal Lecture Series EGI Research Professor and FORGE Project Technical Expert on Geology and Geochemistry, Dr. Stuart Simmons, introduces viewers to renewable energy in the 21st century. The lecture (linked below) highlights conventional geothermal resources and the basic concepts of heat transfer, enthalpy and power as well as where and how geothermal energy is utilized.

image, video link

You can also learn more by listening to the first episode in the Utah FORGE podcast series: FORGEing Ahead with Geothermal Energy Podcast Episode One.

image, poscast