EGIConnect is Moving to ArcGIS Online Hosting

By Informatics @ EGI in News

November 14th, 2021

EGIconnect is EGI’s service for corporate associate members that provides access to hundreds of EGI scientific reports, seismic images, well log images, maps, and other reports available in EGI’s library. We are delighted to announce that EGI is offering EGIconnect with ArcGIS Online hosting to corporate associates. The first phase of this transition is complete. The EGIconnect web app can be accessed through a link on the front page of the EGI website. Clicking on features in the web application will reveal an information pop-up with links to projects summaries and abstracts. Current corporate associate members may use the Report Inquiry/Report Download link to request an EGI library item. This method of delivery is temporary while we continue to transition EGIconnect to ArcGIS Online. The next phase will provide our corporate associates a more independent experience for accessing EGI reports and data as opposed to submitting an email request. We will keep current corporate associates updated on EGIconnect’s status.

For those who are not members of EGI’s corporate associates program, our catalog of EGI reports and data will be visible from the EGI website under the research catalogue. Non-member corporations may also contact us for additional information on EGI’s Corporate Associate program membership.

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