EGI – USTAR Partnership for Expertise & Collaboration

USTAR Confluence Highlights EGI Research Teams

EGI and the Utah Science, Technology and Research (USTAR) Initiative have enjoyed a seven-year partnership of shared expertise in the energy industry. USTAR, a State of Utah funded program designed to use science and technology to drive economic development, recently hosted a two-day Confluence of its research teams and the USTAR governing body. USTAR invited several EGI research teams to participate for the purpose of sharing ideas between scientists and policymakers. Dr. John McLennan and Dr. Brian McPherson, along with their research teams, presented research on energy topics with a focus on local interest, ranging from unconventional reservoir evaluation in Utah to CO2 enhanced oil recovery projects. The USTAR Confluence provided an excellent venue to highlight the local benefits of EGI’s global scientific capabilities.

View a full sized poster of the research topics presented to policymakers at the USTAR Confluence by clicking the image below.