EGI Research Professor Selected for Panel Discussion on Enhanced Geothermal Energy

Building EGS & Considering ‘Risk’ at Standford

On December 15, 2015 EGI’s Joseph Moore, Ph.D., participated in the 6th Annual PESD Conference: Building “Risky” Energy, at Stanford University. As an expert contributor to the Conference’s session on Geothermal Energy, Dr. Moore discussed a variety of developments and research initiatives for realizing the full potential of Enhanced Geothermal Systems, or EGS. The Conference theme focused on the wide-ranging technologies available for implementing the G7 commitment to reducing the carbon content of the global energy supply by the year 2100. Among those technologies— ranging from solar to wind and biofuels to tidal power— is EGS, which, in the context of global energy discussions is sometimes considered “’risky’ in the sense that [the] long-term economic and political viability is difficult to assess given current information.”

The 2015 PESD Conference aimed to “identify the non-technological issues of today that are holding back development of the energy technologies of tomorrow and to discuss what policymakers can do right now to increase the likelihood that at least some of these technologies will be economically and politically viable in time.” Experts like Dr. Moore and his fellow Conference participants were asked to address questions of risk and to present policy strategies previously identified (e.g., development of the United States’ shale energy technologies) as holding potential for overcoming these hurdles.

As discussed in this issue of ASK EGI, Dr. Moore is currently leading a team of researchers and scientists in pursuing the answers to these questions of ‘risk.’ The FORGE program is an innovative and exciting endeavor that aims to create a dedicated field site to conduct the research and implementation of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS), thus proving the technology’s value and feasibility for the long-term.

Risk and Present Policy Panel Speakers 2015

Joseph Moore speaking at PESD 2015