EGI Awarded New Patent in Source Rock Analysis

EGI is pleased to announce that based on the PhD topic of Dr. Dhrupad Beti, who successfully defended his PhD in December 2019, EGI has received a new patent titled “Temperature Profile for Rock Sample Composition Analysis.” The patented method enables predicting liquid hydrocarbon composition solely by analyzing rock samples using anhydrous pyrolysis technique. The inventors (EGI Affiliate Scientist David Thul and Dr. Dhrupad Beti) have just received approval. The goal of this research supported by EGI and now patented is to license this technology for effective use by the industry and EGI member companies.

Following his successful PhD defense, Dr. Beti is now starting a new position as EGI Data Science Post-Doctoral Fellow. Mr. Dan Jarvie, well known to the petroleum industry will be an informal advisor to EGI for this special fellowship position. Dr. Beti is the first to be awarded the EGI Post-Doctoral Fellow in Data Science.

The full patent may be viewed here.