EGI at AAPG Global Superbasins Leadership Conference

photo credit: Dr. Rasoul Sorkhabi and AAPG Explorer.

EGI Research Professor Dr. Rasoul Sorkhabi is an invited speaker at the AAPG Super Basin 2020 conference in Sugar Land, Texas, 11–13 February 2020. Dr. Sorkhabi’s talk is “Source Rocks of the World Overview” and is scheduled for Wednesday, 12 February morning session.

In advance of the conference, Dr. Sorkhabi was interviewed by AAPG for their recent issue of AAPG Explorer.

Emphasizing the importance of petroleum systems analysis in developing shale plays, Sorkhabi says,

“We need to go beyond this vague umbrella term of ‘shale’ and really look at our rocks. Petroleum systems are very integrated physical, geochemical, sedimentological and structural processes. All unconventional plays are located in conventional basins. They need to be studied using a detailed and holistic approach.” 

The full article, highlighting “‘lessons learned’ from current super basins” and applying these lessons to new discoveries, is available in the current issue of AAPG Explorer.

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