DEMETER New Energy joins EGI

Chinese Geothermal Energy Company adds to EGI CA Membership

EGI recently added Zhengzhou DEMETER New Energy Technology Co. Ltd. to our outstanding group of Corporate Associate members. In a signing ceremony on August 10, EGI Director Raymond Levey, along with China Program Development Coordinator Shu Jiang and EGI Geothermal Group head Dr. Joseph Moore, officially welcomed DEMETER, underscoring the importance of continued collaboration and partnership between American and Chinese organizations.

Leading DEMETER’S delegation was Mr. Zemin Chen, founder and Chairman of the board of China’s Zhengzhou DEMETER New Energy Technology Co. Ltd. and Zhengzhou Sanquan Foods. He is father of China’s frozen food industry and the world’s first and only frozen-food billionaire. Mr. Chen has served as China’s 10th, 11th and 12th deputy to the National People’s Congress. He is also the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of China Agriculture Industry, Director of Engineering Technology Center for Frozen Foods of Henan Province, and Secretary of Rice and Flour Frozen Foods Committee of the National Standardization Technical Committees. He is a retired surgeon and former hospital president as well as originator of China’s frozen food industry.

At 74 years old, Mr. Chen is now stepping into the geothermal energy field. His ambition is to invest globally and power the world using clean and sustainable geothermal power.

Mr. Chen and his team identified EGI as a world leader in geothermal energy research and visited many U.S. geothermal energy companies, touring U.S. geothermal power plants including Thermo No.1 in Southern Utah. Impressed by EGI’s history of collaboration and innovation, particularly as a leader in geothermal energy research, Mr. Chen was eager to bring his company into EGI’s Corporate Associate program. In collaboration with DEMETER, EGI will act as a think-tank for the company’s global expansion. The relationship between EGI and DEMETER New Energy will help locate more clean geothermal energy using EGI’s cost-shared, science-based model to help commercialize clean, sustainable energy resources.

Geothermal energy is virtually limitless heat from the Earth. It is simple, clean, sustainable, and reliable. Most importantly, geothermal energy has the smallest land footprint of any other power source and it doesn’t require strong carbon-footprint fuel to operate. The high temperatures in the deep geothermal reservoirs are used to generate electricity.

In an effort to curb domestic pollution and promote more in-home refrigerators & freezers, China has, over the past few years, increased its investment in geothermal energy as it searches for economically feasible energy resources beyond its portfolio in carbon resources. In the US, geothermal is widely accessible at depths of around 10,000 feet, while in China depths are closer to 20,000 feet, making Mr. Chen’s and DEMETER’s vision & commitment to develop geothermal quite extraordinary.