Benefits as a Corporate Associate Member

As your partner in moving the energy industry forward, creating solutions to the complex problems and opportunities inherent in the global quest for energy, EGI is your source for high-quality, scientific and engineering research in pursuit of the answers to the pressing questions our industry faces. EGI researchers collaborate with colleagues across academic, industry, and government organizations around the world to discover and improve scientific innovation and applied technologies. Internally, EGI works toward improving and enhancing the services we provide to ensure our members have the highest level of access to over $800 million worth of scientific research.

Projects are cost-shared and research is designed through collaboration between project sponsors and EGI scientists delivering optimum value to members.

Sponsoring companies have the unique opportunity to shape the project and gain independent insights, interpretations, and evaluations to company-specific questions.

EGI convenes an annual technical event to update all CA members with current project status and concepts for future research. Additional meetings and workshops for industry specific topics are scheduled on an as requested basis.

Project meetings are held throughout the research cycle. New data, scientific results and interpretation are conveyed to CA Sponsors on a regular schedule.

Additional conferences are convened for industry specific topics as the lessons from scientific research are integrated into the business decisions of CA members.

Exclusive access to EGI’s unparalleled report and data library via EGIconnect, our secure web-based system with access to:

  • 800+ project reports completed by EGI scientists
  • 17,000+ geoscience and industry-related technical documents
  • 4,000 international wells and logs
  • 350,000 km of 2D seismic exploration data from over 30 basins

Membership includes one week of instructional services and training provided by leading experts in the fields of geology, geophysics, and engineering.

Training agreements between CA members and in-country governments can be arranged for visiting scientists to come to Salt Lake City. EGI staff can also be scheduled for in-country short courses. Certificate programs are available for individuals and groups.

The Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering is offered on-campus and as a distance learning degree. Applications from new graduates and working professionals are being accepted. The degree can be completed in 16 months, or longer if needed. This 33-credit hour program consists of course work, three-weeks in Utah for a Field Study and Simulation program. Either a practical project or formal thesis are allowed.

Each CA member receives one week of dedicated time per year from the researcher(s) of their choice.

Peer assist by EGI scientists address special areas of interest or concern to CA member companies.

EGI scientists come to your location to collaborate with your staff or your staff can come to our facilities.


Designed to address specific single company topics.

Independent researchers will lend their expertise and global insights to create cost effective and rapid results.

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