Bujak & Mudge Database:

Palaeocene-Eocene Stratigraphy of the UK North Sea Licensing Round 33

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The North Sea continues to be a major oil and gas province in the world.

Dr. Jonathan Bujak and Dr. David Mudge have worked on the stratigraphy of the North Sea formation for over three decades. This data package offers high resolution Palaeocene-Eocene stratigraphy of the UK North Sea (Round 33) delivered both on an interactive ArcGIS platform and individual well files. 

  • Tabulated data for each of 1,170 wells. Top picks for sequence and lithostratigraphic units, two way time marks, gross and net sand thicknesses, and hydrocarbon shows and tests. Accumulation rates and hiatus durations are also given.
  • Graphic Age-Depth Plots for each of 1,170 wells. Detailed age-depth data together with stratigraphic markers and depositional hiatuses based on available data and created by Stratabug.
  • Graphic logs for 389 key wells. High-resolution litho- and biostratigraphy in depth profiles as well as gamma-ray, sonic and/or resistivity logs.
  • Synthesis including regional correlative stratigraphy, selected Wheeler diagrams, paleogeographic maps, bibliography, and papers by the authors (Bujak and Mudge).

The data package covers 1,158 wells from 28 UK North Sea and West Shetland quadrants and 12 reference wells from 5 Norwegian North Sea quadrants.

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