Trevor Irons

Research Scientist

Phone: +1 (720) 635-8218
Fax: (801) 585-3540


Numerical Methods

High Performance Computing

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Inverse Methods

Regional & Basin Experience

  • Ogallala Aquifer in Central Nebraska

2013 Ph.D. in Geophysics, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO.

2007 B.S. in Geophysical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO.


  • Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)

  • European Association of Geoscientists (EAGE)

  • American Physical Society (APS)

  • American Geophsical Union (AGU)

Mendenhall graduation award, Colorado School of Mines, 2013

Heiland graduation award, Colorado School of Mines, 2007

Irons, T. P., C. M. Hobza, G. V. Steele, J. D. Abraham, and D. C. Woodward, 2012, Quantification of aquifer properties with surface nuclear magnetic resonance in the platte river valley, central nebraska, using a novel inversion method: Scientific Investigations Report 2012-5189, U.S. Geological Survey. (Available at

Irons, T. P., and Y. Li, 2014, Pulse and Fourier transform surface nuclear magnetic resonance: comprehensive modelling and inversion incorporating complex data and static dephasing dynamics:Geophysical Journal International, 199, 1372–1394.

Irons, T. P., K. E. Martin, C. A. Finn, B. R. Bloss, and R. J. Horton, 2014a, Using nuclear magnetic resonance and transient electromagnetics to characterise water distribution beneath an ice covered volcanic crater: the case of Sherman Crater Mt. Baker, Washington: Near Surface Geophysics, 12, 285–296.

Irons, T. P., M. C. Quinn, Y. Li, and J. R. McKenna, 2014b, A numerical assessment of the use of surface nuclear magnetic resonance to monitor internal erosion and piping in earthen embankments:Near Surface Geophysics, 12, 325–334.

Kass, M. A., B. R. Bloss, T. P. Irons, J. C. Cannia, and J. D. Abraham, 2014, Magnetic resonance sounding survey data collected in the north platte, twin platte, and south platte natural resource districts, western nebraska, fall 2012: Open File Report 2014-1138, U.S. Geological Survey. (Available at

Kass, M. A., C. M. Hobza, T. P. Irons, B. R. Bloss, J. C. Cannia, and J. D. Abraham, 2015, Hydrostratigraphic interpretation of Western Nebraska alluvial aquifers from magnetic resonance soundings: Water Resources Research (in review), 14p.

Knight, R., E. Grunewald, T. P. Irons, K. Dlubac, Y. Song, H. N. Bachman, B. Grau, D. Walsh, J. D. Abraham, and J. Cannia, 2012, Field experiment provides ground truth for surface nuclear magnetic resonance measurement: Geophysical Research Letters, 39, 7p.