Greg Nash

Research Associate Professor

Phone: (801) 585-9986
Fax: (801) 585-3540

Geothermal exploration

Tectonic geomorphology

Geologic mapping

REmote sensing

Application of geographic information science to geologic problems

3-D geologic modeling

Regional & Basin Experience

  • Congo, DRC

  • Central America

  • East African Rift

  • Basin and Range and Colorado Plateau, U.S.A

  • Columbia

  • The Geysers, CA

  • Nicaragua

Ph.D. in Geography, University of Utah


  • Geothermal Resources Council

Hulen, J.B., Nash, G.D., and Deymonaz, J., 2005, Geology of the Emigrant geothermal prospect, Esmeralda County, Nevada, Geothermal Resources Council, Transactions, v. 29, 15 p.

Hulen, J.B., Nash, G.D., Deymonaz, J., and Scrhiener, A., 2005, Hot prospect DOE enables the Emigrant geothermal exploration and slimhole drilling project in Fish Lake Valley, Nevada. Geothermal Resources Council Bulletin, v. 34 (July-August), p. 175-183.

Nash, G.D. and J. N. Moore, 2012, Raft River EGI project: A GIS-centric review of geology, Geothermal Resources Council Transactions, v.36.

Sorkhabi, S. and G. Nash, Is Utah’s “Jurassic Wedge” a major petroleum province?, World Oil, Sept. 2006.