Dhrupad Raghuveer Beti

Graduate Research Assistant

Phone: (404) 952-3821
Fax: (801) 585-3540
Email: dbeti@egi.utah.edu

R & D | Petroleum Engineering & Petroleum Geochemistry –  Research involves developing a suite of analytically methods and techniques to understand the API gravity, PVT properties, water saturation, hydrocarbon saturation, and porosity of the rocks while drilling the well. Intending to reduce risk by avoid drilling in predicted unproven wells and increase efficiency of drilling operations. Developing a preliminary reservoir simulation software, by measuring the PVT properties and characterizing the reservoir at early drilling operations stage.

Petroleum Systems Analysis | Data generation and interpretations of Source Rock Pyrolysis, of basins in Argentina, Colombia, West Australia and USA.

Instrumentation | Certified in experimentation, maintenance and analysis of source rock pyrolysis using the instruments HAWK ™ (Hydrocarbon Analysis With Kinetics), Rock-Eval ®, & SRA™.

Masters in Petroleum Engineering (Pursuing) – University of Utah

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Chemical Engineering, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University

Language Skills



Society of Petroleum Engineers