Bryony Richards

Senior Petrologist

Phone: (801) 585-3966
Fax: (801) 585-3540

Mineralogy, geochemistry, radiochemistry and evaluation and interpretation of complex mineralogical and geochemical datasets across a variety of geological settings using multiple, integrated techniques in order to solve complex geological problems.

Key recent achievements:

  • Evaluation and interpretation of multiple technique databases, including 39Ar/40Ar (total fusion and step-heated analyses), stable isotope (including δ18O), XRF, ICP-MS, ICP-AES and mineralogical data (QEMSCAN, SEM, SEM-FIB, TEM).
  • Collection and interpretation of mineralogical and mineral chemistry techniques across a variety of geological settings (including microprobe data).
  • Compilation, evaluation and interpretation of complex, multiple technique databases in New Zealand (in relation to Ph.D. research), South Africa (in relation to postdoctoral research) and Namibia (in relation to professional work).
  • Generated the largest data set of groundmass minerals ever produced for a kimberlite (Voorspoed) in the Kroonstad cluster and for many kimberlites in southern Africa (DeBeers company report, 2011).
  • Interpretation of large datasets, comprising soil, rock, drilling, geological and geochemical data for the Kaokoland region of Namibia. Including the geochemical characterization of the Okohongo deposit, Namibia.

2010 Ph.D. in Geology, University of London, Royal Holloway College (United Kingdom)

2005 B.Sc. (Honors) in Geology, Durham University (United Kingdom)

Ph.D. under the NERC (National Environmental Research Council, UK Government)

Blue Skies research program (NER/S/A/2005/13452) 2005-2010.