Naveen Hakhoo

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Contractional, Transpressional and Trasntensional Regimes. Rock Deformation. Trap Formation, Assessment and Integration. Reservoir Characterization. Stable Isotope, Major- Minor, Trace and Rare Earth Element Geochemistry. Source Rock Geochemistry and Geochronology of Organic Rich Sedimentary Rocks.

Drivers and Implications of Natural Hazards.



Assistant Professor/Lecturer (ad-hoc/on contract), in the Postgraduate Department of Geology, University of Jammu. (2009-2011; 2014-2015; 2015-2016; 2016-2017, 2017-2018, and 2018-2019 sessions).


Visiting Scientist, Energy and Geoscience Institute (EGI), University of Utah, USA (May – July, 2013). Indian Subcontinent Shale Resource Plays, Phase 1 project with research focusing on the Himalayan Foreland Basin (HFB).

Researcher Investigator in the project titled “”Increasing Resilience to Environmental Hazards in Border Conflict Zones” from January to October 2017. University College London and University of Jammu. Principal Investigator: Prof. Peter Sammonds (UCL)

Research Contributor, National Institute of Hydrology (NIH), India. Project on, “Spring sanctuary development in the foot-hills of the NW Himalaya.” (2017-19)

Regional & Basin Experience

Worked as a geologist in different terrains in North-West Himalaya, Cambay Basin (western India), Assam-Arakan Basin (north-east India), and Ghana (West Africa). Presently continuing research work in the Himalaya as a researcher, researcher investigator and consultant.

Investigations related to rock deformation, tectonic, structural and sedimentary processes in the present and past environments, primarily concerning the hydrocarbon resources. The core focus is on the geological controls on the shaping of the petroleum system elements within the sedimentary basins in space and time with integration of field, structural, seismic and geochemical data.

Ph. D. (2014), University of Jammu (UoJ), India in collaboration with University College London (UCL), UK. Supervisors: Prof. G. M. Bhat (UoJ), and Prof. Juergen Thurow (UCL).

Research Topic: Structural Evaluation and Hydrocarbon Reservoir Potential of the Neoproterozoic Sirban Limestone, Jammu (India).

National Eligibility Test (NET) – Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) (2008). Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Human Resource Development Group (HRDG), Govt. of India.

  1. Sc., Geology- Gold Medalist (2007), University of Jammu, India.

  2. Sc., Geology (2005), University of Jammu, India.

Language Skills

Professional proficiency in English and Hindi


Life Member, Jammu University Geology Alumni Association (JUGAA)

Life Member, Indian Association of Sedimentologists (IAS)

Member, Indian Geological Congress (IGC)

Fellow, Geological Society of India

‘Wadia Memorial Award’ for the best oral paper presentation (Earth Sciences), 101st Indian Science Congress, Jammu, February 2014

Geological Society London, Fermor Fund Award for the year 2012

Simprentis Group Internship, Getenergy Conference, UCL, U.K. June 2012

First Position in the Geology Photography Contest at Geo-India 2011 conference, 12-14 January 2011. Organised by ONGC, APG and AAPG

Second Prize for poster presentation”, 17th Convention of IGC and International Conference in ISM Dhanbad, Jharkhand. November 10-12, 2011

“Young Scientist Award” 5th Jammu and Kashmir Science Congress, February 2010

CSIR, India- research fellowship 2009

Eni, India – research fellowship 2008

Selected Publications:

Naveen Hakhoo, Ghulam M. Bhat, Sundeep Pandita, Gulzar Hussain, Ashan Ul Haq, Mateen Hafiz, Waquar Ahmed, Yudhbir Singh and Bindra Thusu. (2019). Natural Hazards their drivers, mechanisms and impacts in the Shyok-Nubra Valley, NW Himalaya, India. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (IJDRR). 35.

Bayes Ahmed, Peter Sammonds, Naomi M. Saville, Virginie Le Masson, Kavita Suri, Ghulam M. Bhat, Naveen Hakhoo, Tsering Jolden, Gulzar Hussain, Kuenga Wangmo and Bindra Thusu. (2019). Indigenous Mountain People’s Risk Perception to Environmental Hazards in Border Conflict Areas. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (IJDRR). 35. DoI:

Craig, N. Hakhoo*, G.M. Bhat, M. Hafiz, M.R. Khan, R. Misra, S.K. Pandita, B.K. Raina, J. Thurow, B. Thusu, W. Ahmed, S. Khullar. (2018). Petroleum systems and hydrocarbon potential of the North-West Himalaya of India and Pakistan. Earth-Science Reviews 187, 109-185. DoI: 10.1016/j.earscirev.2018.09.012. DoI:

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Naveen Hakhoo, Bindra Thusu, Devleena Mani, Ghulam M. Bhat, Jonathan Craig, Juergen Thurow, Mateen Hafiz, Sudeep Kanungo, Sumita Koul, Mateen Hafiz and  Waquar Ahmed. (2016). Hydrocarbon Source Potential of the Proterozoic Sirban Limestone Formation, NW Himalaya, Jammu (India). Journal, Geological Society of India 88, 685-692. DoI:

Naveen Hakhoo, Bindra Thusu, Ghulam M. Bhat, Jonathan Craig, Juergen Thurow and Mateen Hafiz. (2016). Rhenium (Re) – Osmium (Os) Geochronology of the Proterozoic Sirban Limestone Formation, NW Himalaya, Jammu (India). Journal, Geological Society of India 88, 267-272. DoI:

Devleena Mani, D. J. Patil, A. M. Dayal, S. Kavitha, Mateen Hafiz, Naveen Hakhoo and G. M. Bhat. (2014). Gas potential of Proterozoic and Phanerozoic shales from the NW Himalaya, India: Inferences from pyrolysis. International Journal of Coal Geology 128-129, 81-95. DoI:

Craig, A. Absar, G. Bhat, G. Cadel, M. Hafiz, N. Hakhoo, R. Kashkari, J. Moore, T.E. Ricchiuto, J. Thurow, and B. Thusu. (2013). Hot springs and the Geothermal Energy potential of Jammu and Kashmir State, N.W. Himalaya, India. Earth-Science Reviews 126, 156–177. DoI:

Craig, J., Biffi, U., Galimberti, R.F., Ghori, K.A.R., Gorter, J., Hakhoo, N., Le Heron, D., Thurow, J., and Vecoli, M. (2013). The Palaeobiology and Geochemistry of Precambrian Hydrocarbon Source Rocks. Journal of Marine and Petroleum Geology 40, 1-47. DoI:

Bhat, G.M., Craig, J., Hafiz, M., Hakhoo, N., Thurow, J.W., Thusu, B. and Cozzi, A. (2012). An Introduction to the Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of Neoproterozoic – Cambrian Basins in Asia. In: Bhat, G.M., Craig, J., Thurow, J.W., Thusu, B. and Cozzi, A. (editors) 2012. Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Neoproterozoic- Cambrian Basins in Asia. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 366, 1-17. DoI: