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Study of effect of presence of kerogen and confinement on PVT properties of liquids in shales

Thermodynamic modeling of fractionation of oil through kerogen- absorbed v/s free oil

Enhanced recovery through CO2 sequestration in shales

Reservoir characterization and simulations

Basin and petroleum systems modeling

Big data and predictive modeling using data analytics

Regional & Basin Expertise

  • Major US shale play basins
  • Onshore Netherlands and North Sea
  • Onshore and offshore Myanmar
  • Indian Shale play basins

Ph.D., Department of Chemical Engineering (2017), University of Utah

B.S. and M.S. in Applied Geology (2013), Indian School of Mines, INDIA

Language Skills

  • English
  • Hindi


  • Society of Petroleum Engineers
  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Recipient of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) STAR fellowship, Rocky Mountain Region, USA

President, Air and Waste Management Association: student chapter at the University of Utah (2014-2015)

Vice President, Society of Petroleum Engineers: student chapter at the University of Utah (2014-2015)

Chaired the technical session in 76th EAGE Annual conference, Amsterdam, 16-19 June, 2014

Reviewer of extended abstracts submitted for presentation in 76th EAGE Annual conference, Amsterdam, 2014

Recipient of EGI fellowship and INSPIRE scholarship for academic excellence, a prestigious scholarship of Govt. of India

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Pathak M. and Sharma S., Myanmar’s Potential for Oil and Gas – The Next Giant? in 75th EAGE Conference & Exhibition incorporating SPE EUROPEC 2013 held in London from 10-13 June, 2013 (rewarded as one of the best paper)

Spencer Joel Q.G., Oviatt Charles, Pathak Manas, Fan Yuxin and Legget Andrea, Testing and refining the timing of hydrologic evolution during the latest Pleistocene regressive phase of Lake Bonneville in Geological Society of America Annual Meeting in Minneapolis , USA (9–12 Oct 2011) Vol. 43, No. 5, pg 275 and Quaternary International journal, 03/2015; pg 362

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