Ger Van Graas

Affiliate Scientist

Phone: (801) 587-8538

General Petroleum Geochemistry and Basin Modelling

Surface Geochemistry / Remote Sensing

Petroleum Biomarkers

Gas Generation and Typing

Interaction of Organic Geochemistry with other Disciplines

Effects of Drilling Fluids on Data Quality

Frontier Exploration

Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources, in particular Shale/Tight Oil & Gas

Ph.D. ‘Organic Geochemistry of Cretaceous Black Shale Deposits’, Delft University of Technology, 1982

Tan J., Hors eld B., Fink R., Krooss B., Schultz H.M., Rybacki E., Zhang J. Boreham C.J., Van Graas G. and Tocher B.A. (2014) Shale gas potential of the major marine shale formations in the Upper Yangtze Platform, South China, Part III: Mineralogical, lithofacial, petrophysical and rock mechanical properties. Energy Fuels 28, 2322-2342.

Van Graas G., Mørk G., Scotchman I., Murray J., Atterton L. and Forslund T. (2011) Night- time hunting for furtive animals: data availability challenges in international exploration for partially understood shale resource plays. Search and Discovery #90122 (Abstract).

Van Graas G., Abrams M., Bilbo M., Narimanov A., Crisp and Piggott N. (2004) The use of integrated seepage detection tools in the South Caspian. Search and Discovery #90024 (Abstract).

Van Graas G., Scotchmer J., Rornes A.E. and Husmo T. (2003) Multiple petroleum systems in the Caspian region: implications for prospectivity evaluation and oil quality prediction. AAPG Annual Conference, Salt Lake City 2003. Search and Discovery #90013 (Abstract).

Crossley R., Essiane Essone J.Y., Wubben T. and Van Graas G. (2001) Filtrate invasion, barite “sag” and grain crushing by cutter impact – experimental wellbore damage. SPE Europe Formation Damage Conference, The Hague 2001. SPE 68966.