Bindra Thusu

Affiliate Scientist

Phone: (44) 208-208-7787 (UK)
(91) 991-075-4129 (India)
Fax: (801) 585-3540

Current Position:

  • Senior Research Fellow & Research Supervisor, Maghrab Petroleum Research Group (MPRG), Earth Sciences Department, University College London, UK

  • Visiting Professor & Chairman, Advisory Board, Institute of Energy Research and Training (IERT), University of Jammu, India

  • Affiliate Research Scientist, Energy & Geoscience Institute (EGI), University of Utah, USA

  • Research Scientists and Logistic Support to CASP, University of Cambridge, UK (on Libyan studies)

Professional Experience:

  • 2000 – Present Senior Research Fellos, Research Supervisor: Mahgreb Petroleum Research

  • 1982 – 2000 Senior Geological Advisor: Exploration Division, University College London

  • 1972 – 1982 Head of Exploration Laboratory and special studies, Exploration Division: Arabian Gulf Oil Company, Benghazi, Libya

  • 1976 – 1979 Senior Research Scientist: Petroleum Research Institute (IKU), Trondheim, Norway

  • 1973 – 1976 Research Scientist: Norwegian Industrial Research Conuncil, Oslo, Norway

Scientific & Administrative Experience

  • Advisor, co-ordinator, editor and responsible for geological activity on the management level. Evolve manage and direct major research programmes, projects, budgetary responsibility, international consultancy and coordination of activities Government, state and autonomous organisations.

  • Established new research facilities for Exploration Division in Arabian Gulf Oil Company in Libya and Continental Shelf Institute in Norway

  • Established links with Commission International Microflore Palaeozoic (CIMP) and European universities for carrying out major research projects on the Palynology of Northeast Libya.

  • Co-ordinated and supervised successfully training of fifteen M.Sc. and PhD research degree programme with the British and Canadian universities for the exploration staff of the Arabian Gulf Oil Company, Libya.

  • Co-established Maghreb Petroleum Research Group (MPRG), in Earth Sciences Department, University College London. This group is currently carrying out research in collaboration with biostratigraphers world-wide.

  • Team member as Visiting Professor, University of Jammu for the creation of Institute of Energy Research and Training (IERT) at the University of Jammu.

Teaching & Research

  • 1989 – 2009 Senior Research Fellow, Micropalaeontological Unit, Department Geological, University College London; Research, North Africa and India projects and teaching selected lectures.

  • 2001 Visiting Lecturer, Geology Department, Jageolonian University, Karkow, Poland

  • 1983 – 1985 Visiting Lecturer, Department of Earth Sciences, Garyounis University, Benghazi, Libya

  • 1975 – 1965 Teaching Instructor, Universtiy of Oslo, Norway; University of Bristol, UK; University of Ottawa, University of Alberta, Canada

International Projects

  • International conference on the Geology and hydrocarbon Potential of the Neoproterozoic Cambrian basins in India, Pakistan and the Middle East. University of Jammu, February 2008, This was sponsored by Ministry of Earth Sciences, Science and Technology Department, EGI, University of Utah, USA, University College of London, Directorate General of Hydrocarbons, ONGC and Eni. (Conference co-convenor, Geol. Soc. London Publication in prep.2011 release)

  • International conference in November 2006 on Global Neorpoterozoic Petroleum Systems: the Emerging Potential in North Africa. The conference was organised at the Geological society of London and was sponsored by major international oil companies including Shell, BP, Chevron, Petro-Canada and the University College London and the geological societies of Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Oman. (Proceedings Published Geol.Soc. London Special Publication 326, 2009)

  • August 21-25, 2000 organised an international workshop on the North African Micropalaeontology at the University College London. This is a long term project and involves the participation of industrial and academic micropalaeontology and palynologists from Libya, Tunis, Algeria, Morocco and Western Egypt.

  • 1999, American Association of Petroleum Geologists International Conference in Birmingham, UK. Participated in the poster session on the structural styles and prospectivity of Palaeozoic Hydrocarbon basins of North Africa including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. Co-ordinated the project with the Agoco. Agip, Lasmo, Saga, National Oil Corp. Libya, Royal Holloway, University of Wales, Aberystwyth. and the University College London.(Published; Third symposium geology of Libya, geology East of Libya 2008, Earth Science Society of Libya publication)

  • 1980-1988 Scientific coordinat or for stratigrahic project in Northeast Libya, A joint project between C.I.M.P.(International Scientific Commission on Palaeozoic Microflora), and fifteen specialists from the British and European Universities and British Geological Survey. This is a model research project for promotion of science and technology in a developing country. (Published Journal of Microplaeontology, 1985 and garyounis university publications, 2008)

  • 1977-1979 Organised, coordinated and edited proceedings of a major International project on biostratigraphy of the Continental Shelf of Northwest Europe including onshore and offshore areas. President of the conference on the dinoflagellate cysts stratigraphy , Leon, Spain, 1977.

PhD. 1972 (Bristol, UK)

M.S. 1968 (Alberta, Canada)

M.Sc. 1963 (Kashmir, India)

B.Sc. 1961 (Kashmir, India)

Professional Societies & Positions

  • Fellow, Geological Society of London, UK

  • Member, American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), USA

  • Member, American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists (AASP), USA

  • Member, Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB)

  • Member, Earth Science Society of Libya (ESSL)

  • Member and Foreign Correspondent, Jammu University Geology Alumni Association (JUGAA)

Excellence Award, Jummu University Geology Alumni Association (JUGGA)

Editor or Co-Editor, books and journals:

  1. 2012 Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of Neoproterozoic – Cambrian Basins in Asia. Geologic Society of London, Special publication 366 (editors Bhat, G.M; Craig, J; Thurow, J.W; Thusu, B and Cozzi, A.

  2. 2009 Global Neoproterozoic petroleum systems: the emerging potential in North Africa Special publication, Geol. Soc. London Special publication 326 (editors Craig, J; Thurow, J; Thusu, B; Witham A; Abutarruma, Y)

  3. 1985 Palynostratigraphy of Northeast Libya. Jou. Of Micropalaeontology Vol. 4 pt.1. (editors B.Thusu & B.Owens)

  4. 1989 1989 Jurassic- Early Cretaceous palynostratigraphy of Northeast Libya. In; Subsurface Palynostratigraphy of Northeast Libya. (editors A. El-Arnauti, B.Owens and B. Thusu) Garyounis University Publications, Benghazi, Libya, 171-213

  5. 1978 Distribution of biostratigraphically diagnostic dinocysts and miospores from the Northwestern European Continental Shelf and adjacent areas. Continental Shelf Institute, Oslo, Norway, Publication.(editor B.Thusu)

Selected Papers in Refereed publications

  1. 2013 Hydrocarbon source rock potential and elemental composition of lower Silurian subsurface shales of the eastern Murzuq Basin, southern Libya. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 48, 224–246, Meinhold, G., Howard, J.P., Strogen, D., Kaye, M.D., Abutarruma, Y., Elgadry, M., Thusu, B., Whitham, A.G.

  2. 2013 Hydrocarbon source rock potential of latest Ordovician–earliest Silurian Tanezzuft Formation shales from the eastern Kufra Basin, SE Libya. Journal of Petroleum Geology, 36, 105–115, Meinhold, G., Whitham, A.G., Howard, J.P., Stewart, J.C., Abutarruma, Y., Thusu, B.

  3. 2013 Latest Ordovician–earliest Silurian acritarchs and chitinozoans from subsurface samples in Jebel Asba, Kufra Basin, SE Libya. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 197, 90–118. Thusu, B., Rasul, S., Paris, F., Meinhold, G., Howard, J.P., Abutarruma, Y., Whitham, A.G.

  4. 2012 Palynological and palynofacies analysis of early Silurian shales from borehole CDEG-2a in Dor el Gussa, eastern Murzuq Basin, Libya. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 174, 1–26, Paris, F., Thusu, B., Rasul, S., Meinhold, G., Strogen, D., Howard, J.P., Abutarruma, Y., Elgadry, M., Whitham, A.G.

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Selected Papers in Conference Proceedings:

  1. 2009 Hydrocarbon Exploration in Jammu and Kashmir State Present status. International workshop on Energy challenges. Kashmir University May, 2009

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Selected Papers in Conference Presentations:

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