Last September, EGI hosted past and present Corporate Associate members in a return to in-person Corporate Associates Technical Conferences.

The conference hosted a field course on September 22, 2022 and short courses on September 23, 2022. 

PIs from each of our research emphases — Energy Fluids and MineralsGeothermal Research, and Carbon Management—joined members in presentations and discussions from their current projects following the technical sessions.

This past year, short course topics came out of EGI’s carbon science and geothermal expertise. Dr. Brian McPherson taught “Basic Geologic Carbon Storage Modeling” and Dr. John McLennan taught “Geomechanics Considerations for Geothermal Well Construction”.

The optional field course accompanying this year’s Corporate Associates Technical Conference is themed around Resilient Energy Engineering, EGI’s new education and training initiative. EGI will take participants on a one-day excursion to central Utah’s developing renewable energy corridor, where many exciting projects are underway. This course will highlight EGI’s and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Utah FORGE geothermal project site located in Milford, Utah and the work being done by EGI scientists there. This is an exciting opportunity to visit one of EGI’s current projects, as well as a hydrogen storage facility sponsored in Delta, Utah. Space for the field course is limited, so register soon!

A special feature with this Corporate Associates Technical Conference is a celebration honoring our 50th anniversary on the evening of September 21, 2022. EGI will take this occasion to commemorate our 50 years of success with collaborators, special guests, and friends. EGI will also launch our next 50 years of the science to find energy and leading the energy transition. Attendance at this event is free to EGI’s current corporate associate members and previous corporate associate members. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Thank you to our 50th Anniversary Celebration sponsors: Schlumberger

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