2020 Outstanding Chemical Engineering Dissertation Award

EGI Affiliate Scientist and Former EGI Fellow Receives Chemical Engineering Award

EGI is proud to congratulate Affiliate Scientist and former EGI fellow, Dr. Jan Goral, in his selection for the 2020 Outstanding Chemical Engineering Dissertation Award for his work “Digital (Shale) Rock Multi-Physics: Micro-/Nano-Scale Characterization of Petrophysical and Geomechanical Properties of Oil-/Gas-Bearing Rocks.” Jan completed his PhD and graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering in Spring 2019.

Jan Goral joined EGI when he started his PhD at the Department of Chemical Engineering with Professor Milind Deo in January, 2016. Prior to that, he was a graduate research/teaching assistant at the Department of Mining Engineering while working on his master’s degree in Mining Engineering.

At EGI, Jan worked on projects with professors Milind Deo and John McLennan, Affiliate Scientist Ian Walton, and EGI Director Raymond Levey. He conducted research on micro- and nanoscale-resolution 3D imaging and modeling of shale rocks, as well as fluid flow and transport phenomena in these complex and nanoporous geomaterials, including collaboration with Zeiss, FEI, and research for EGI member Husky Energy. Upon graduation, Jan joined Intel Corporation in Portland, Oregon, in September 2019, where he is a Technology Development Engineer working on the next-generation microprocessors.

Jan tells us that the key to his achievements has been to “set the bar high and keep pushing forward!”

The Department of Chemical Engineering Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Michael P. Hoepfner, lauded the dissertation, noting its significant scientific contribution and contribution to the Department. In addition to receiving this award through the Department of Chemical Engineering, Jan’s dissertation has also been nominated for the college-wide dissertation award in the College of Engineering.