2015 Project Updates & 2014 Year End Project Review

EGI research projects are dynamic works, continually moving through their life cycle, with new projects being released from their confidentiality period each quarter. Below is a list of projects whose status has changed since the last publication of ASK EGI. Click on the link for each project to view the updated Project Summary information in Current Research on the EGI web site. To receive more information, call or email the Principal Investigator or other contacts listed in the project summary.

In Progress & Accepting Sponsors

The kickoff meeting for Petroleum Systems Atlas of Mexico has been completed and the project is currently In Progress and available for sponsorship.

The timing of this project is set to deliver the Atlas prior to bid round one in mid-2015. The delivery date will provide CA members with a report and GIS framework for rapid evaluation of initial opportunities. EGI will be well positioned to support our CA members for subsequent, in-depth projects focused on specific areas of interest to future bid rounds. As in EGI’s South American Shales project, we aim to create close collaboration with organizations inside Mexico to provide new samples for analysis and integration into the GIS during future stages.

Contact David Thul with technical questions and Nancy Taylor for contract requests.

More Efficient Hydraulic Fracturing System for Gas Shale Developments has commenced and is now In Progress.

The investigation will use semi-analytical and numerical techniques to model fracture development, and include specifically the role played by the natural fractures and pressure-sensitive leakoff from the main fractures. The proposed methodology is similar in principle to that adopted in our earlier investigation of shale gas production characteristics. Using analytic techniques wherever possible, we seek a middle path between empirical correlations on the one hand and large-scale numerical simulations on the other.

We envisage three levels of modeling:

  • An isolated, individual secondary fracture opening from a main primary hydraulic fracture
  • Primary fracture development, including pressure-sensitive leakoff, to an array of secondary fractures
  • Primary fracture development incorporating a continuous pressure-sensitive leakoff coefficient

Our objective is to identify more efficient fracturing fluids and fracturing protocols that would use a smaller volume of fracturing fluid to achieve a greater productive fracture surface area.

Contact Ian Walton with technical questions and Nancy Taylor for contract requests.

Flow in Nanoporous Rocks – Measurement of Relative Permeabilities in Synthetic Nanoporous Materials & Shale Samples is now In Progress.

EGI has developed equipment and procedures for measuring saturation pressures, and absolute and relative permeabilities. In this project, we will create a relative permeability database for different shale samples with relevant fluid pairs, acknowledging the difficulties an operator would encounter in measuring relative permeability on a routine basis. These measurements might be considered as being close to ground truth at least at a core scale.

Contact Milind Deo with technical questions and Nancy Taylor for contract requests.

Complete – Immediate Delivery to New Sponsors

Shale Gas Production Analysis Phase 2 is now Complete and available for immediate delivery to new Sponsors.

In Phase 1 we developed a rigorous, semi-analytic, physics-based model of gas production from tight shales that recognized the distinguishing features of these reservoirs and allowed us to identify the major production drivers. The new model allows us to analyze production data from many wells as quickly as conventional decline curve analysis, but has the advantage of being rooted in the physics of the process. Consequently, it provides a predictive and interpretive capability that is lacking in empirical models or, for that matter, large scale reservoir simulators.

Contact Ian Walton for technical questions or Nancy Taylor  or contract details.

Recently Released from Confidentiality – Available to All CA Members

The following projects have been recently released from the two-year period of confidentiality and are now available to all CA Members via EGIconnect.com.

  • Shale Gas Production Analysis Phase 1
  • Integrated Chronostratigraphic and Paleoenvironmental Analysis of the Tertiary Section, Offshore Colombia, Caribbean Sea Phase 1 (San Jose – 1 Well)

2014 Project Meetings

EGI convened a series of Shale Research Meetings October 21–23, 2014, addressing project components from the nanoscale to play fairway and basin level for Central Eurasia Shales, South American Shales Phase 2, and China Shale Gas & Shale Oil Phase 2. Over the course of three days, EGI principal investigators and scientific staff presented detailed updates on three of our most prominent shale research projects in preparation for the conclusion of current Phases of research. Participating sponsors had the opportunity to pose comments, suggestions, and questions regarding the projects and gain insight from EGI experts. All three of these exciting research projects are available for sponsorship.

Designed collaboratively between sponsoring companies and EGI scientists, sponsorship of current EGI Research Projects—whether in the In Development or In Progress stage—provides Sponsors with the unique opportunity to shape the project and gain independent insights, interpretations, and evaluations of company-specific questions. All active projects are open for sponsorship from their development stage throughout the two-year period of confidentiality and include both Regional and Thematic studies.