2015 Fourth Quarter Project Updates

EGI research projects are dynamic works, continually moving through their life cycle, with new projects being released from their confidentiality period each quarter. Below is a list of projects whose status has changed since the last publication of ASK EGI. Click on the link for each project to view the updated Project Summary information in Current Research on the EGI web site. To receive more information, call or email the PI or other contacts listed in the project summary.

Designed collaboratively between sponsoring companies and EGI scientists, sponsorship of current EGI Research Projects—whether in the In Development or In Progress stage—provides Sponsors with the unique opportunity to shape the project and gain independent insights, interpretations, and evaluations of company-specific questions. All active projects are open for sponsorship from their launch throughout the two-year period of confidentiality and include both Regional and Thematic studies.

Complete – Immediate Delivery to All Project Sponsors

Immediate delivery of the Completed research report and documentation to all project sponsors. The research team leader can be scheduled for site visits to your office to present the final product results to your geoscience, engineering, and decision-making teams.

In Development

Invest now and play a primary role in shaping the scope of work and research objectives to ensure maximum value will be achieved.

In Progress

Sponsors may join at any time during the In Progress stage. Interim meetings encourage sponsor feedback and scheduled data downloads provide real-time updates in advance of completion.

Recently Released from Confidentiality – Available to All CA Members

The following projects have been recently released from the two-year period of confidentiality and are now available to all CA Members via EGIconnect.com

  • South American Shales, Phase 1
  • Geothermal Training
  • X-Ray Diffraction Analyses And Interpretation Of Geothermal Well Cuttings In Support Of Lightning Dock Geothermal Field
  • Final Report For Tracer Testing At The Thermo, Utah Geothermal Field