2015 EGI CA Technical Conference in Review

The 2015 EGI Corporate Associates Technical Conference attracted petroleum experts from around the world to Salt Lake City. The annual event is different from those of other domestic University based consortia, where most attendees hail from local companies. The Conference again proved to be robust in research updates, technology transfer, and networking, with 33 member companies attending and contributing to the energized gathering. The discussions and interaction time that followed technical presentations encouraged an open exchange of information among attendees. Notably, EGI launched two Science initiatives at this event; EGI Oceans – New Concepts in Oceanic Petroleum Systems (Predicting Thermal History & Associated Petroleum Systems on Oceanic Crust, Evaluation of the Stratigraphy & Petroleum Systems of the Central & North Atlantic Ocean, and Regional Assessment of Deepwater Petroleum Systems of the South Atlantic) and Shale Science – ’10 Years Later’/Future Directions.

Two new EGI staff contributed to the success of the Conference bringing fresh perspectives and energizing the conversation. Xiaochun ‘Jacob’ Jin and Matthias Greb both presented either individually or as part of a collective presentation. Likewise, Arnis Judzis, Head of Engineering Development & Innovation presented a comprehensive review of EGI’s previously launched Research Services.

“During the break, one CA member told me that while the topics of presentation diverged from his company’s current areas of interest, he identified specific ideas and concepts that would be useful for application in his own work and decision making process within his organization,” said Xiaochun ‘Jacob’ Jin, EGI Senior Research Scientist & Geomechanics Coordinator.

Jacob notes that this is a significant reason that EGI has thrived for 43 years: regardless of industry fluctuation, EGI inspires innovative and creative people and businesses within the industry and supports our partners through vision, wisdom, and dedication.

Clear feedback from the attending members showed high interest in Regional and Thematic studies related to both Oceans and Unconventional Resources. The appetite for top-notch science and the ability to use EGI information directly by operators emerged as elements of notable interest. In a low oil price environment, the CA Technical Conference clearly adds even more value for members. Moreover, staff members from Corporate Associates who were unable to attend now have the ability to access all of the technical presentations on-line to see first hand the great relevance of the projects to their operations.

Among the several new projects and directions emerging at EGI are those addressing challenges to the industry, particularly a low oil price environment. For example, Dr. Jin is working on a refracturing/infill drilling proposal, designed to screen candidates and provide guidelines for implementation (especially diversion strategies); another topic for potential future research is examining casing integrity during fracturing, to help the industry minimize risks of pressuring out or jeopardizing completions during hydraulic fracturing and refracturing.

Many Conference attendees recognized and welcomed Matthias Greb back to Salt Lake City. Matthias returned to EGI this summer after several years in the E&P industry. He notes, “I have been a follower of the CA Conference for about seven years now both as an EGI scientist as well as CA member attendee, so I know and have experienced both sides of the presentation podium. What really strikes me about the CA Conference is that the event has continuously become much more professional and really shines as a bright beacon of industry related research. The value EGI provides is widely known in the industry and is good reason that meetings are always well attended, even under challenging business circumstances. I am glad to be back at EGI to bring my skillset to the table to contribute to EGI’s research legacy.”

Overall, presentations and workshops at the 2015 CA Conference provided a good balance of existing (In Progress) and new / In Development EGI projects. Discussions also highlighted a resurgence of geology in combination with geochemistry— both areas very closely related to the focus of Matthias’s position. He is currently working to bring forward projects that will address petroleum systems and basin modeling issues in shale as well as regional petroleum systems analysis space. He will also be involved with existing projects, supporting projects for EGI Oceans and iCORDS.

While he was initially nervous about presenting to colleagues and industry leaders in engineering and geoscience who are “at the top of their game,” Matthias also says “Discussions immediately after the presentation were, however, very positive and encouraging to quickly move ahead with the presented topic on improved kinetic models for resource assessments.”

For those CA members who were able to attend this year, we are thankful for your passion and commitment to the partnerships that have moved EGI and the industry forward for the last 40+ years. EGI is dedicated to providing the highest-level science available in support of your business. We enjoy seeing each and every one of you and value your membership and support.

For members who did not make it to the Conference, we hope to see you again next year, and if we’re fortunate, throughout the time between. CAs who did not attend but would like to receive the presentation handouts can do so on our web site via a new SuperPage offering Members Only access to the information you need.

We’ve created the SuperPage to make it easy for all CA members to acquire the technical presentations given at the 2015 CA Conference. Additionally project descriptions for Regional and Thematic Studies and Research Services are available there as well, ready to review and forward to your colleagues. We invite you to request more information or schedule a site visit for research project details.

If you have questions about logging in to the SuperPage or have other Conference or project related issues, please contact us today.